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digital literacy creates a test version
computer manages the project
imbedded computer storage device that uses flash memory
laptop operates on computer server
tablet computer in stationary location
desktop CDs & DVDs; laser technology
server electronic document
thin clients support the product as it is released
thick clients used for digital photos
mobile device computer that provides services to other computers
smatphone having current knowledge of technologies
keyboard in charge of system design
touchpad voice commands
mouse has internet and phone capabilities
voice & voice inputs notebook computer
scanners devices connected together via communication devices
files contains keys you press
printers electronic device; operates under control of instructions
speakers portable flash memory
display screen acts without user knowing
solid state drives program that tells computer what tasks to preform
USB flash drive disk, USB, flash drive
memory cards strictly sequential manner
optical disc audio output device
internet service providers video output device
world wide web sensitive to pressure
webpage pointing device, fits in hand
website fits in your hand
web server software that finds websites
browser computer installed within a machine
search engine person with the info about the project
malware mobile computer with touchscreen
software delivers webpages to computer
communications device makes a test plan
network provides you with internet
project manager light-sensing input device
stakeholder resides on the client
advocates ex WiFi, transfers items from devices to transition media
lead analyst internet explorer, software that provides internet
waterfall model global library
rapid prototyping model collection of related webpages
testing produces text on physical medium

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