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English 9 Vocabulary L 11 & 12

Kelly Taylor

1flagrant _____very wicked; notorious
2patrician _____spotless; perfect
3emissary _____having a bad taste or smell; spoiled
4kindred _____universal; wide-ranging
5fracas _____glaringly bad; outrageous
6lacerate _____attributing human characteristics or qualities to objects, animals, or gods
7futile _____a loud quarrel or fight
8immaculate _____an aristocrat
9gait _____self-confidence
10carp _____weird; mysterious; strange and frightening
11query _____to become weak or feeble; to lose strength
12queue _____slyness and cunning in dealing with others
13nefarious _____manner of walking
14genesis _____great destruction; chaos
15facade _____beginning; origin
16deluge _____to ask; to inquire
17catholic _____to complain or find fault in a petty or nagging way
18eerie _____to tear (flesh) jaggedly
19martial _____one sent on a special mission to represent others
20anthropomorphic _____something that covers or conceals
21beneficiary _____a small amount
22careen _____warlike; relating to the military
23aplomb _____to grow embittered over time; to rot
24guile _____having a similar origin, nature, or character
25modicum _____useless; pointless
26fester _____one who receives benefits
27languish _____a line of people or vehicles
28pall _____to swerve or lurch from side to side while in motion
29havoc _____a flood; an overwhelming rush
30rancid _____a deceptive outward appearance

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