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CV Drugs-edit1


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Phenylephrine a1/a2/b1/b2 agonist
Norepinephrine 1a cholinergic
Epinephrine b1/b2 agonist
dopamine 1a more cholinergic
dobutamine indirect arteriolar dilation
digoxin b antagonist
milronine activate K+
vasopressin IV
reserpine a1/a2/b2 agonist
prazosin direct arteriolar dilator
clonidine v1 agonist
propronolol/nadolol a1/b1/b2/d1 agonist
metoprolol/esmolol blocks Na/K, increases [Ca]
carvedilol/labetalol b1 antagonist
quinidine 1b
procainamide direct mixed dilator
disopryamide a1 agonist
lidocaine 1c
flecainide/propafenone ace inhibitor
metropolol/bisoprolol/atenolol/carvedilol PDE-3 inhibitor, increase [Ca]
amiodarone Ca blocker + arteriolar vasodilator
sotalol ARB
verapamil/diltiazem b blocker
adenosine III + II
enalapril vesicular monamine transport inhibitor
losartan III
hydralazine a1 antagonist
nitroprusside indirect venous dilation
amlodipine/nifedipine mixed a1/b antagonist
nitrates low dose a2 agonist
nitrates high does 1a less cholinergic

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