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Willingness, Obligation & Necessity

Mr. Curtis

He doesn't ... to bring his books today, we'll be going on a trip. be expected
I'm sorry Mr. Smith, I ... to let you go. has no objection
Excuse me ma'am, you're not ... to smoke in here. 're under no obligation
How can I ... to run a café without coffee?! is obliged
Alright Davis, you ... to go. need
Excuse me, Sir. I ... to inform you that your car is parked illegally. have no choice but
Warning! Flammable substances. Smoking ... allowed
Because of the traffic, he ... to leave for work early. have nothing against
Wait, Ms. Allan! You ... to answer any of his questions. has no problem with
It's OK. I ... to work this Saturday. am required
Hold on a minute, I ... to spend every afternoon washing your clothes! 're free
Well, if your mother ..., then the two of you are free to do what you like. is forbidden
I ... him, I just didn't enjoy the film. 'm happy
Look, he ... the two of you being together, just don't rub it in his face, OK? 'm not prepared

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