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American Government: Civil Rights Vocabulary

Mr. Young

Match the correct description with the terminology below.

1heterogeneous _____a description of the mixture within the American population
2immigrant _____used initially used against African Americans to legally segregate
3reservations _____the process by which one group is brought into mainstream society
4refugee _____requiring a certain number to offset discriminatory practices of the past
5Assimilation _____legal process where aliens are required to leave the U.S.
6segregation _____legal process by which one becomes a citizen after birth
7Jim Crow Laws _____discrimination against the majority group (tends to be white males)
8separate-but-equal doctrine _____upheld by the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896
9integration _____segregation by practice or custom (All white neighborhoods created by realtors)
10de jure segregation _____requires employers to take positive steps towards remedying past discriminations like only hiring white men
11de facto segregation _____immigrant who seeks protection from dangers like war or persecution
12affirmative action _____when a court determines someone loses citizenship through fraud or deception
13quotas _____law of the blood; circumstances in which a child is born abroad by U.S. citizen(s)
14reverse discrimination _____separation of groups
15citizen _____people admitted into this country
16jus soli _____public lands set aside by the government for Native American use
17jus sanguinis _____segregation by law (all-black schools in Jim Crow South)
18naturalization _____when one culture merges into another to become a part of it
19alien _____owes allegiance to the United States and is entitled to its protections
20expatriation _____citizen or national of a foreign state
21denaturalization _____when someone loses citizenship
22deportation _____law of the soil; citizenship based on being born in the U.S. or U.S. jurisdictions

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