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Chapter 4 Section 5 Vocabulary

Mr. Black

Match the vocabulary word to its correct example.

Market Economy Ford Motor Company is a private automobile company will grow if it makes a quality vehicle at a good price
Command Economy Jerry's Foods provides retail sales of eggs & other foods to local customers
Primary Activities VAZ is a Soviet Union car producer that the government determined assembly & distribution of
Secondary Activities Glencore is the world's largest company that mines & extracts minerals
Tertiary Activities General Electric Wind Energy is the second largest company for onshore wind turbine installations
Renewable Resources Century Link Inc provides the phone & internet systems for businesses to operate
Non-renewable Resrouces Ausmus Egg Farms Inc cares for chickens & collects eggs to be sold
Inexhaustible Energy Resources $52,000 was the average in the U.S. in 2016
Infrastructure Michael Foods Inc uses eggs to make All Whites & Better 'n Eggs products
Per Capita Income $18,500,000,000,000 was the total in the U.S. in 2016
Gross Domestic Product Weyerhaeuser Company is America's largest company that harvest timber for lumber

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