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Everything Harry Potter

Angel N Darkness

Anything and everything about Harry Potter... From people, to magical creatures, to spells, to potions, and everything else you can think of...

Magnifies the spell caster's voice when one's wand is pointing to the side of the caster's neck Sirius Black
Conjures a flock of birds from the tip of the wand Bill Weasley
Causes the victim to become confused and befuddled.  Draught of Living Death
Summons an object to the caster Reducto
Creates an identical, useless copy of the target  Avis
Causes the steps on a stairway to flatten into a slide.  Sleekeazy's Hair Potion
It sends a ball of fire from the wand Albus Dumbledore
A curse which prevents certain information from being revealed by the individual upon whom the spell is placed Rowena Ravenclaw
Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster Confoundo
Tracks movement of every person in the mapped area. Niffler
Breaks objects. In stronger usages, disintegrates them Neville Longbottom
Levitates and moves an object Geminio
A potion that makes the taker confused and reckless Mobiliarbus
A potion that places the taker in a state of sleep that makes them seem like they are dead Helga Hufflepuff
A potion that places the taker in a sleep that is dreamless.  Accio
A potion that puts the taker in extreme pain.  Lily Potter nee Evans
Makes hair more manageable  Amelia Bones
Created Gryffindor House James Potter
Created Ravenclaw House Charlie Weasley
Created Hufflepuff House Arthur Weasley
Created Slytherin House Remus Lupin
Grew up in an orphanage Regulus Weasley
Had red hair and green eyes Lacarnum Inflamarae
Could turn into a stage Peter Pettigrew
Harry's Godfather Drink of Despair
Was Harry's DADA Professor in his 3rd Year Sonorus
Harry's Head of House Minerva McGonagall
Greasy hair Basilisk
Herbology Professor Molly Weasley
Charms Professor Tom Riddle
Headmaster Harry's first year Godric Gryffindor
Framed Sirius Black Salazar Slytherin
Opened the Chamber of Secrets Harry's second year Pomona Sprout
Works on a Dragon Preserve Glisseo
Works as a Curse Breaker for Gringotts Befuddlement Draught
Mother of seven children Ron Weasley
Father of seven children Severus Snape
Turned his back on Harry until after the 1st task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament Homenum Revelio
Sirius Black's younger brother Ginny Weasley
Aunt to Susan Bones Filius Flitwick
Said to be the brightest witch of her age Hermione Granger
Lives with his Grandmother Homonculous Charm
Can kill with its eyes Dreamless Sleep
Likes shiny things Mimblewimble

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