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"You're 18 Now"

Tina Odom

terms and concepts from the responsibility unit

1. advance directive the action of expelling someone, especially a tenant, from a property; expulsion
2. annulment identify the nature of a problem by examination of the symptoms.
3. arraignment the ability of a customer to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.
4. bankruptcy formal reading of ao criminal charge in the presence of the defendant of the charges against him or her.
5. breach of contract official release from debt or situation
6. consumer an item or real estate free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.
7. contract legal procedure for declaring a marriage null and void, as if it didn't happen.
8. credit a written statement indicating the likely price that will be charged for specified work or repairs
9. credit bureau a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sles, or tenancy that is intended to be enforceable by law.
10. credit history an act of breaking hte terms set out in a contract.
11. credit report a living will wich gives durable power of attorney to a surrogate decision-maker, remaining in effect during the incompetency of the person making it.
12. custody legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts.
13. diagnose the study of past credit events
14. discharge or forgiveness a company that collects information relating to the credit ratings of inividuals and makes it available to credit card companies, financial institutins, etc.
15. discriminate violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse.
16. distribution make an unjust or prejudicial distinction in the treatment of different categories of people or things, expecially on the grounds of race, sex, or age. Also" discrimination, act of discriminating
17. domestic violence a person who purchases goods and services for personal use.
18. estimate the action of sharing something out among a among a numberof recipients.
19. eviction a written account of past credit
20. exempt property clearly stated
21. express the protective careor guardianship of someone or something.

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