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Religious Expression in Australia

Interfaith Dialogue A policy which recognises and accepts the presence of several cultures or ethnic groups within a society.
Ecumenism A practice in which individual attempt to empty their minds, allowing their conscious to engage in peaceful thoughts. This is often done as a way to connect fully with gods, without interruption.
Immigration The separation of the state from religion. It is seen as enforcing the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, and is becoming increasingly prominent in Australia.
Religious Landscape The restoration of friendly relations. An example of attempted reconciliation is Kevin Rudd’s 2008 apology to the Indigenous peoples of Australia.
Denominational Switching A term given to various religions and belief systems developed in Western nations during the 1970s.
Reconciliation Refers to what is seen in terms of the presence, practice and influence of religion in a society.
Denomination A subgroup within a major religious tradition. Denominations within Christianity include Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestantism, Oriental Orthodox and more.
Secularism The act of moving internationally to a country where one is not native or where one does not hold a citizenship.
Multiculturalism The process of converting a religious adherent from one belief system or worldview to another.
Monocultural The act of converting from one denomination within Christianity. For example, switching from Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodox.
Religious Adherence The term used to describe a society or population with extremely little cultural and ethnic diversity.
Proselytising The interaction and communications between members of different relies traditions or humanistic beliefs. It is vital for peace-building between faiths, making for a cohesive and cooperative society.
Meditation A term that means to be of the same origin, or to be greatly alike.
Homogeneous A term used to describe individuals or groups who remain faithful to their religious traditions.
New Age Religion A Christian movement whereby different Church traditions seek to develop closer relationships, better understandings and an greater overall sense of unity.

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