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Cranial Nerves


carries impulses for vision from the retina glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)
innervates 4 of 6 extrinsic muscles of the eye trigeminal nerve (V)
carries parasympathetic impulses to iris and ciliary muscle optic nerve (CN II)
carries general sensory impulses from tongue oculomotor nerve (CN III)
carries motor impulses to "chewing muscles" that elevate mandible facial nerve (CN VII)
taste from anterior tongue; motor to facial muscles; parasympathetic innervation of sublingual and submandibular salivary glands trigeminal nerve (V)
visceral sensory from carotid sinuses; taste from posterior tongue; parasympathetic innervation to parotid salivary gland vagus nerve (CN X)
visceral sensory from thoracic and abdominal cavities; parasympathetic motor to organs in thoracic and abdominal cavities oculomotor nerve (CN III)

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