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Hormones and Actions


stimulates reabsorption of water; hyposecretion causes diabetes insipidus thyroxine
stimulates cells to take up and use glucose; hyposecretion causes diabetes mellitus insulin
stimulates secretion of cortisol; hypersecretion causes Cushing’s disease antidiuretic hormone (ADH)
stimulates gluconeogenesis and glucose release by liver; hypersecretion causes steroid diabetes growth hormone
directly stimulates growth of cartilage and bone; hypersecretion in an adult enlarges hands, feet and jaw (acromegaly) adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
stimulates secretion of potassium ions (K+); hyposecretion seen in Addison’s disease thyroxine
maintains basal metabolic rate; hyposecretion causes mental retardation and disproportionate bone growth in an infant (cretinism) oxytocin
hyposecretion causes short, but proportional, stature growth hormone
hypersecretion causes increased metabolic rate leading to tachycardia and weight loss cortisol
stimulates release of milk and labor contractions aldosterone

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