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february holidays


match your friends poohs for extra credit you can use!

heart valentines date
candy sweets you should buy for your sweet on valentines day
fourteenth big apple city where capone was born
love weapon of choice for chicago gangsters
al capone if phil misses seeing his shadow we get this
chicago weather predicting rodent
seven symbol on valentines day cards
tommy gun  where al capone ruled for a time
new york the outfit, capones gang, was part of this group
pennsylvania god of love who often appears on valentines day cards
punxsutawney phil mafia man who ran chicago
shadow city st valentine lived in long ago
spring number of men gunned down on valentines day in chicago
winter what valentines day is about
b'rer groundhog what we get more of if phil sees his shadow
illinois class motto or you tripped
rome what the weatehr predicting rodent used to be called
cupid phil sees this we got more winter
bear down state where phil the groundhog lives
mafia where chicago is located

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