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Animal terms


Match term to word

Cows Young male sheep
Steer Mature females that can reproduce
Bullocks Young female cattle who hasn't reproduced
Heifer Mature male hog
Calf Newborn or very young
Bulls Casterated chicken male
Beef Mature female
Ram Newborn
Ewe lamb  young cattle too young to reproduce
Ram lamb Newborn tom1 year
Lamb Young female sheep under a year
Ewe Casterated male hog pig
Mutton Mature male chicken
Wether Casterated make cattle that can't reproduce
Barrow Young male bulls that can't reproduce
Boar Meat of a pig
Gilt Sheep meat
Farrow Meat from cattle
Pig Mature female sheep
Sow Pigs giving birth
Pork Mature male sheep
Hen Young female pig
Capon Casterated male sheep
Chick Mature female that lays eggs
Cock Male cattle that can reproduce

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