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Medical Terminology Suffixes

Heather Ramsay

Medical Terminology Suffixes

-ectomy surgical removal
-otomy pain
-ostomy to surgically create an opening
-gram heart condition
-graph instrument for viewing
-graphy resembling, acting like
-scope state of pregnancy
-scopy -instrument to measure
-pexy paralysis
-plasty pertaining to
-rrhaphy treatment
-centesis process of measuring
-tome dilation
-meter action
-metry process of visual examination
-ose stopping, standing still
-tic  breathing
-al  instrument for recording
-ectasis  cutting into
-cele enlarged, enlargement
-itis pertaining to
-pepsia a record or picture
-pnea puncture to withdraw fluid
-ic abnormal condition
-tropia blood condition
-eal pertaining to
-oid process of recording
-ion birth
-ous urine condition
-otia  instrument to cut
-stasis pertaining to
-plegia herniation, protrusion
-megaly surgical repair
-gravida ear condition
-cyesis inflammation
-partum one who studies
-ia dilation
-osis tissue or organ implant or transplant
-cyte digestion
-logist turned condition
-graft pertaining to
-uria pregnancy
-algia  condition
-emia  cell
-cardia pertaining to
-ectasis to suture
-therapy surgical fixation

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