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Geography Key Terms

Grade 9 Academic Geography

1Commercial Land Use _____A person who is forced to flee her or his country to find safety
2Industrial Land Use _____This is a day marked by an occurrence of precipitation of small lumps or pieces of ice (hailstones) with a diameter of 5mm or more. Hail sizes usually range from that of small peas to that of cherries, but have been observed as large as oranges
3Institutional Land Use _____A type of land use that composes the majority of typical canadian cities. Residential land use includes low, medium, and high density house development
4Natural Environment _____a policy whereby people’s cultures are absorbed into the dominant culture
5Open And Green Space _____an industry that uses raw materials to manufacture products, such as automobiles
6Residential Land Use _____an industry that extracts natural resources, such as mining, fishing, and agriculture
7Transportation Land Use _____This is the synthesis of day-to-day weather variations in a locality. The climate of a specified are is represented by the statistical collection of its weather conditions during a specified interval of time, which is usually taken to include the following weather elements: temperature, precipitation, humidity, sunshine and wind velocity
8Urbanization _____This is a nearly stationary anticyclone that inhibits the west to east migration of cyclones.
9Annual Population Growth _____forces that attract people to new places and draw them away from their previous location
10Birth Rate _____the difference between a nation’s exports and imports
11Census _____an industry that provides services such as health care and banking
12Child Mortality Rate _____This is the ratio of the actual amount of water vapour in the air to the amount present if the air were saturated at the same temperature
13Death Rate _____Products that are delivered to places outside the country in which they were produced, extracted or grown
14Net Migration _____An increase in the number of people living or working in urban places
15Refugee _____The number of deaths per 1000 people in one year
16Zoning By Law _____This is a measure of what hot weather “feels like.” Air of a given temperature and moisture content. At a humidex of 30℃, some people begin to experience discomfort
17Relative Humidity _____This is a local storm, usually produced by a cumulonimbus cloud, and always accompanied by thunder and lightning
18Tornado (also called a twister) _____An official government survey of population
19Storm Track _____This is a frost severe enough to end the growing season, usually when the air temperature falls below -2℃
20Typhoon _____the monetary value of all goods and services produced within a country in one year
21Thunderstorm _____This is an area of low (minimum) atmospheric pressure that has a closed counter-clockwise circulation in the northern hemisphere
22Heat Wave _____This is the highest instantaneous wind speed recorded for a specific time period
23Front _____A type of land use designated for corridors and amenities such as roads, public transit and parking
24Killing Frost _____This is a term for an area of high (maximum) pressure with a closed, clockwise (in the Northern Hemisphere) circulation of air
25Low (Also Called A Cyclone) _____A type of land use that includes any development for retail, service or office use
26Humidex _____The annual gain or loss of population from movement of people in or out (that is, immigration minus emigration)
27Gust _____An area with undisturbed elements. Some examples are areas with land, water and rocks
28High (Also Called An Anticyclone) _____Natural increase plus or minus net migration (immigration minus emigration) in one year
29Gale _____a mass movement of people who leave their homes against their will
30Hail Day _____This is a violently rotating column of air that is usually visible as a funnel cloud hanging from dark thunderstorm or cumulonimbus clouds. It is one of the least extensive of all storms, but in terms of violence it is the most destructive
31Drought _____A type of land use set aside for recreation and conservation efforts
32Flash Floods _____This is a severe tropical cyclone in the pacific ocean; counterpart of the atlantic hurricane
33Chinook _____an effect in which money spent on an event generates additional money spent in other ways
34Air Mass _____This is a tropical storm with wind speeds of 120 km/h (65 knots) or more that can be many thousands of square kilometres in size. They originate over the warm tropical ocean as small low-pressure systems. They have a life span of several days and occur more frequently from august to october
35Climate _____A type of land use for public facilities, including development for community, educational, governmental, healthcare and religious purposes
36Blizzard _____This is a period with more than three consecutive days of maximum temperatures at or above 32℃
37Blocking High _____forces that drive people to leave their previous location for a new place
38Atmosphere _____the process by which countries trade goods, services, ideas, and even culture around the world at an ever increasing rate
39Peak Wind (Gust) _____This is the interface or boundary between two different air masses which have originated from widely separated regions. A cold front is the leading edge of an advancing cold air mass, while a warm front is the trailing edge of a retreating cold air mass
40Hurricane _____This is the envelope of air surrounding the earth. Most weather events are confined to the troposphere, the lower ten kilometres of the atmosphere
41Exports _____The number of births per 1000 people in one year
42Free Trade Agreement _____This is a very rapid rise of water with little or no advance warning, most often when an intense thunderstorm drops a huge amount of rain on a fairly small area in a very short space of time
43Globalization _____This is the path taken by a low-pressure centre
44Gross Domestic Product (GDP) _____This is an extensive body of air with a fairly uniform distribution of moisture and temperature throughout
45Imports _____This is a sudden, brief increase in wind speed, for generally less than twenty seconds
46Multiplier Effect _____products that are produced, extracted or grown outside a country and brought in to be used
47Primary Industry _____This is a strong dry, warm wind that blows down the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in North America. The warmth and dryness are due principally to heating by compression as the air descends the mountain slope
48Quaternary Industry _____This is a strong wind. A gale warning is issued for expected winds of 65 to 100 km/h
49Secondary Industry _____persons who are non-caucasian or non-white and do not report being aboriginal
50Tariff _____Number of deaths of children under 5 years old per 1000 live births
51Tertiary Industry _____an evaluation of immigrant applicants that awards points by categories including language skills, education and age
52Trade Balance _____A law that states how land may be used in a community. It also addresses the types of buildings and where structures may be located, as well as restricting lot sizes and building heights
53Cultural Mosaic _____This is an extended period of dry weather that lasts longer than expected or than normal and leads to measurable losses (crop damage, water supply shortage)
54Emigrant _____a kind of tax that applies to certain imports or exports
55Forced Migration _____an industry that is knowledge based, such as scientific research and information technology
56Immigrant _____This is severe winter weather condition characterized by low temperatures, strong winds above 40 km/h, and poor visibilities less than 1 km, due to blowing snow and lasting three hours or more
57Point System _____a person who leaves his or her home country to settle in another
58Pull Factors _____a person who moves to a different country or region to take up permanent residence
59Push Factors _____A contract between nations that encourages trading of goods and services by reducing tariffs and other restrictions
60Visible Minority _____A type of land use for manufacturing and assembly plants, as well as developments for processing, warehousing and storage

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