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Chapter One


chapter one - definitions only

HRM Defining the way work will be performed and any required task.
Human Capital The process of ensuring that employee activities and outputs match the organizations goals
Analyzing Jobs Careers in HRM that may involve work in special fields such as recruiting, training, compensation
Job Analysis An organizations employees described in terms of their training, experience, relationships and insight
Job Design The process by which organizations attempt to identify applicants with knowledge, skills, and other characteristcs
Recruitment The process through which the organization seeks applicants.
Selection What's right and what's wrong.
Training Acquisition of knowledge, skills and behavior that improve an employees ability in job requirement
Development the policies, practices and systems that influence an employee's behavior
Performance Management Effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills and behavior
HR Planning The process of getting detailed info about jobs.
Evidence Based HR Indefnitying the numbers and types of employees the organization will require to meet goals.
Ethics Collecting and using data to show that HR practices.
Employee rights Free consent, privacy, freedom of conscience, speech and due process.

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