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Linear Equations

Algebra 1

the Cartesian plane has an x and y ______ Independent
A linear __________ represents real world situations Domain
slope is often described as the "rise over the _____" Undefined
a horizontal line has _________ slope Range
the steepness of a line is dependent on the "______ over run" Coefficient
type of variable, often describing the x variable is___________ Model
in Ax + By=C; A and B are examples of a ________ Slope
the _________ of a linear equation is a straight line Zero
an ordered ________ is a set of coordinates Point
one of the 4 sections of a coordinate plane is a __________ Line
y-y1 = m(x-x1) represents the __________-slope form of a linear equation Axis
all of the output values are called the __________ Run
a line is __________ if the slope is positive Table
a decreasing line has a ____________slope Pair
all of the input values are called the__________ Increasing
a line is ______ if the slope is negative Quadrant
_____________ is the change in y over the change in x Constant
________ of change is a synonym fo slope Terms
a vertical line has an _________ slope Rate
in Ax + By=C, C is an example of a __________ Graph
in Ax + By=C, both Ax and By are examples of ___________ Vertical
another term for slope is the rate of ___________ Decreasing
a __________ line has a slope of zero Change
a display of input and output values in rows and columns is a __________ Negative
a _________ line has an undefined slope Horizontal
and increasing line has a ___________ slope Origin
the point (0,0) is the _________ Rise
a __________ is defined by two points Positive

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