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Customary & Metric Units

Name: ________________________________

Match the correct term to its definition.

fluid ounce a customary measurment of weight (16 ounces)
pound a metric measurement of length (100 centimeters)
ton a customary measurement of length (3 feet)
ounce a customary measurement of capacity (16 cups/8 pints/4 quarts )
cup a metric measurement of mass (the smallest measurement of mass)
pint commonly used in other countries
quart a customary measurement of capacity (8 ounces)
galllon a customary measurement of length (about the size of your thumb)
milliliter commonly used in the United States
liter a metric measurement of length (about as wide as a fingernail)
miligram a customary measurement of weight (the smallest unit of mass)
kilogram a metric measurement of length (the thickness of a dime)
gram the amount that something can hold
inch a metric measurement of mass (1000 grams)
foot measure of gravity
yard how far from end to end
mile a customary measurement of length (used to measure long distances)
millimeter a metric measurement of capacity (used for very small amounts of liquid)
centimeter a customary measurement of capacity (2 cups)
meter a customary measurement of length (12 inches)
kilometer a metric measurement of capacity (about the size of a coke bottle)
customary units a metric measurement of length (measure distance from one place to another)
metric units how much matter something contains
capacity a metric measurement of mass (about the weight of a paper clip)
weight a customary measurement of weight (the largest unit of mass)
mass a customary measurement of capacity (about how much fits in a medicine cup)
length a customary measurement of capacity (2 pints/4 cups)

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