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Last Days of Life Word Match


Secretions Breathing sounds noisy or “difficult”. A person is unable to breathe effectively.
Agitated An unpleasant feeling that you are going to vomit.
Restless The loss of a loved one due to their death.
Nausea When someone is very distressed or feels emotional pain.
Anxiety Continual movement, of all or part of the body.
Anguish The resident appears worried. May be frowning or restless or display other signs of discomfort.
Respiratory distress A sign of an illness, such as pain or nausea.
Last Days of Life (LDL) Mucus and fluid that builds up in a person’s mouth and throat.
Symptom Feeling worried or scared of an event.
Bereavement A difference in an expected outcome.
Variance The period just before death.
Palliative Care The stage when a resident is not receiving active treatment, such as medication. The resident may be able to eat, drink and walk.

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