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Hatchet Vocabulary 1- Epilogue


Hatchet Vocabulary Test

consuming twisting; causing great paing
drone moving hands to express something
horizon not deep or strong
rigid bird berry native to North America
slewed where the sky and Earth appear to meet
banked able to catch fire
shallow without pause or stop
jumble porcupine or hedgehog protective spine like needle
rudder causing a stinging pain
wrenching moving on a horizontal arc
brush mixed up
desperation very intense
murky feeling all hope is lost
pulverized low roaring sound
twinge body or a plane
abdomen cloudy
numb to correct
quill  game bird in eastern United States and Canada
gesturing strong substance like acid
flammable extreme and great care
ignite device used to steer a ship or plane
painstaking riding along a circle with inclined edges
weathered cause to start burning
telegraphed to turn into powder
rectify worn out due to weather conditions
motive not bendable
corrosive twisting face to show distaste or dislike
sarcasm asleep; lacking feeling
grimacing alerting as to your next move
incessant reason; or causing motion
fuselage form of humor marked with irony
choke cherries dense growth of trees
ruffed grouse stomach area

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