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Joyce Custodio

Memorize Ch16 & 17 vocabulary.

Sympatric speciation without physical isolation
Autopolyploidy Divergence of biological lineages
Allopolyploidy Tracing back divergence of macromolecules over evolutionary time
Divergent species Individuals from different but closely related species interbreed.
Pre-zygotic isolating mechanism feature shared by two or more species from a common ancestor
Post-zygotic isolating machanism Does not include common ancestor
Hybrid zone may come back to contact after seperation.
Binomal Nomenclature closely related but outside the group of interest
Taxonomic Tree where 2 species may hybridize
Monophyletic derived traits reverts back to ancestral state
Polyphyletic species becomes a tetraploid; can't reproduce w/ diploid
Paraphyletic Does not include all of the descendants of a common ancestor
Speciation evolutionary history of relationships
R.I reduces fitness of hybrid offspring
Molecular Clock originally presented in the ancestor
Synapomorphies Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Specific Epitath
Convergent evolution explaination with less assumption
Evolutionary reversal anything that prevents hybridation
Homoplasties similar traits from different lineages
Outgroup One common ancestor and all of its descendants
Ingroup simplest explaination
Parimony Principle a derived trait shared by taxa due to a common ancestor
Occam's Razor differs from ancestral trait
Phylogeny 2 groups of organisms can no longer reproduce
Ancestral trait traits generated by convergent evolution or evolutionary evolution
Derived trait Two word naming sytem
Homologous group of primary interest

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