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List #11

Mrs. Wilson

Match the term and definition. Write the NUMBER not the term in the box.

the art of swaying others feelings, beliefs, or actions parody
a complex lyric poem that develops a serious a dignified theme periodical
a poem presenting shepherds in rural settings, usually in an idealized manner personification
the restarting of information in one’s own words oxymoron
a particular type of plot in which two stories of equal importance are told simultaneously parallelism
the use of words whose sounds echo their meanings paraphrase
a special kind of concise paradox that brings together two contradictory terms onomatopoeia
an imitation of another work, a type of literature, or a writer’s style, usually for the purpose of poking fun parallel plot
a publication that is issued at regular intervals of more than one day pastoral
a figure of speech in which human qualities are given to an object, animal, or idea ode
a voice that a writer assumes in a particular work persona
a seemingly contradictory or absurd statement that may nonetheless suggest an important truth persuasion
the use of similar grammatical constructions to express ideas that are related or equal in importance paradox

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