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Fundamentals Tissue Integrity

The concept of Tissue Integrity

Dermis Mixed exudate
Subcutaneous Tissue Protects the underlying tissue
Decreases Contains the deeper layer of skin, Papillary layer, and Reticular layer
Stratum Corneum Stores half of body's fat cells
Elastin Day 3-4 to about 21 days
Thermoregulation Stores half of body's fat cells
Lesions What type of intentional healing, leaves the wound open to allow edema, infection to resolve, wound to drain
SecondaTertiary What happens to this to cause wrinkling and sagging?
Inflammatory Protrusion of onternal viscera through an incision
Phagocytosis Heritable skin disorders
Dehiscence Can be infectious, have inflammation or be neoplastic.
Evisceration Consists of the stratum corneum, stratum granulosum, and stratum basale
Debridement For the first 3-6 days of wound healing
Serosanguinous A pressure ulcer is an example of?
Maturation Phase  Aging decreases subcutaneous tissue, which creates problems with?
Proliferative phase What happens to the subcutaneous fat in the aging process?
Skin Partial or total rupture of a sutured wound
Fibroblast Vary in shape, color, and texture characteristics
Epidermolysis bullosa about day 21 to 1-2 years (Keloid)
Tertiary produces melanin
Infection Decreases in number with aging.
Wounds The epidermis of an older adult becomes?
Fibroblast  Is one type of surgery for wound complications
Atrophic cell migration of macrophages
Stratum basale Contains the keratin
Subcutaneous Tissue Standard precautions prevent
Epidermis Decreases in number with aging.

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