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Match the vocab words to their correct meaning.

1Alfred Kinsey _____high is rapid/intense lasting 12 or more hours
2The 4 sexual phases _____intense arousal from exposure of ones genitals to unsuspecting persons
3Gender identity _____interdisciplinary teams have high contact w/ client in their daily living environment focusing on medication adherence, practicing skills, and identifying precursors to relapse
4Gender expression _____self-identification (male/female)
5Gender roles _____depressant that slows down CNS by increasing GABA firing, impairing motor coordination, decreasing reaction times, leading to sad mood, impaired memory, poor judgment and visual/auditory disturbances
6gender schema _____used for pain relief, sedation, reduced anxiety and tranquility w/ quickly developed tolerance and withdrawal (severe)
7gender dysphoria _____outside representation of gender identification
8Sex reassignment surgery stages _____produce alters states of bodily perception/sensations, intense emotions, detachment and feelings of insight
9Sexual dysfunctions _____characterized by anxiety, tension, craving, and physical symptoms specific to each class of drug
10Delayed ejaculation  _____First scientist to study sexual behavior
11premature ejaculation  _____decreased effect of drug upon successive administrations
12erectile disorder _____hypertension, hyperthermia, tremors, agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, disinhibitions, seizures
13Female sexual interest/ arousal disorder _____hallucinations, aggression, disorientation, tremors, convulsions, increased body temperature
14Genito-pelvic pain/ penetration disorder _____paraphilia’s that cause distress or impairment to the person or when satisfaction of paraphilia has caused harm or risk of harm to another person.
15male hypoactive sexual desire disorder _____difficulty in obtaining an erection during sexual activities, maintaining an erection during sexual activities
16Voyeuristic _____cessation of or reduction in alcohol use that has been heavy and prolonged. Must have 2+ symptoms w/in hours or days after:
17Exhibitionistic disorder _____1. live in new gender role for at least 2 years 2. hormone therapy 3. surgery (preserve sexual function and optimize quality of life
18Frotteuristic disorder _____Desire, arousal, orgasm, resolution
19sexual masochism _____intense sexual arousal from observing
20asphyxiophilia _____sexual arousal from touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person
21sexual sadism _____ability to perceive, interpret, and understand social information including other people’s beliefs, attitudes, and emotions
22Paraphilia _____arousal from the act of being humiliated, beaten, bound
23Paraphilic disorder _____sexual arousal from cross-dressing.
24Fetishistic disorder _____interferes w/ re-uptake of serotonin initially an appetite seupressant
25Transvestic disorder _____uses principles of behavior therapy to teach communication/assertiveness skills and others relevant to symptoms management and independent living
26Substance use disorder _____sexual arousal from either the use of nonliving objects or highly specific focus on nongenital body parts
27Addiction _____intense and persistent sexual interests other than sexual interest in genital stimulation or preparatory fondling with phenotypically normal, physically mature, consenting human partners
28Tolerance _____psychotic disorder split between thought and emotions; alterations in thoughts, perceptions, or consciousness
29Withdrawal _____absent sexual thoughts or fantasies and desire for sexual activity
30Caffeine _____during sexual activity, within one minute after vaginal penetration and before individual wishes
31Nicotine _____practice of receiving sexual arousal related to restriction of breathing
32Alcohol _____an absence or an impairment of some aspect of sexual response
33Alcohol use disorder _____cultural expectations on perceived gender of the individual
34Alcohol intoxication _____fixed (nonbizzare) delusions w/ no other schizo symptoms for one or more month
35Alcohol withdrawal _____mismatch of biological sex and gender identity, PLUS clinically significant impairment
36Marijuana _____highly addictive tobacco plant; stimulant and sedative w/ rapid effect
37Amphetamines _____recent ingestion of alcohol causing problematic behavioral/psychological changes, inappropriate sexual or aggressive behavior, mood liability, impaired judgment that develops during/shortly after ingestion and
38MDMA (ecstasy) _____diminished empathy, cruelty, exploitation, disdain of close attachments
39Crystal meth _____prolong wakefulness, suppress appetite (legit ADHD, asthma etc. medicine)
40Side effects of amphetamines _____highly addictive effecting dopamine levels; increases euphoria, self-confidence, energy, motor activity, alertness
41Cocaine _____sever mental condition characterized by loss of contact w/ reality
42Side effects of Cocaine _____THC enters brain and is received by cannabinoid receptors; influences pleasure, results in state of relaxation, intensified color and sounds, and slowed perception of time
43Opioids _____marked delay in or inability to achieve ejaculation despite adequate sexual stimulation
44LSD and hallucinogens _____marked vaginal or pelvic pain during intercourse or penetration, FEAR or anxiety in anticipation of penetration
45Inhalants _____lack of interest for 6 months or more, absent interest in sexual activity and unreceptive to partners attempts, reduced excitement
46Psychosis _____A physiological state in which failing to ingest a substance leads to symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal
47Psychopathy _____Rapid sedation, euphoria, sensation of heat and excitement (immediate effects)
48Schizophrenia _____intense arousal from the physical or psychological suffering of another person
49Social cognition _____problematic pattern of alcohol use leading to significant impairment or distress with more than one symptom in a year
50Delusional disorder _____person continues to use substance despite significant substance-related problems
51Social skills training _____CNS stimulant that boosts energy, mood, awareness, concentration, memory consolidation, and wakefulness
52Assertive community treatment _____Cognitive structures and mental representations reflecting perceived social appropriateness of male/female characteristics and behavior

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