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Aggression aspect of human rights legislation that means that employers must accommodate the needs of a disable worker unless the necessary modification would lead to health and safety difficulties or present unsustainable economic or efficiency costs
Bullying workplace accommodation where workers return to a job that is less demanding than their previous job
Close Call legislated responsibility of employers to accommodate workers who are attempting to return to work following an injury or illness via changes in job tasks and /or thee work environment to enable workers with a temporary or permanent disability to perform work productively
Cognitive Failure a combination of diagnostic, educational, and behavioral modification activities designed to support the attainment and maintenance of positive health
Disability Management behavior by an individual or individuals within or outside an organization that is intended to physically or psychologically harm a worker or workers and that occurs in a work-related context
Domino Theory flexible work arrangement in which two employees divide the responsibilities of a single position
Duty To Accommodate engaging in annoying or embarrassing conduct against a worker in a workplace--conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome
Emergency organizational leadership that is actively focused on and promotes occupational health and safety
Employee & Family Assistance Program modification to the arrangement of work that promote early and safe return to work for injured, ill, or disabled workers
Fire a series of events that could have led to a safety incident but did not
Free burning stage programs designed to help employees and members with problems that may interfere with worker productivity, including alcohol and other drug abuse, emotional or behavioral problems among family members, and financial or legal problems
Harassment a type of inter-role conflict in which the role pressures experienced in the work and family domains are incompatible
Health Promotion An individual’s willingness to exert effort to enact safety behaviour and the valence associated with those behaviours
Incipient Stage a mistake or failure in the performance of an action that an individual is normally capable of performing
Incivility employee’ shared perceptions of the importance of safety in the workplace
Job Sharing the extent to which employees follow safety rules and procedures
Job Splitting a source of ignition and fuel come together
Light Duty flexible work arrangement in which two employees share the responsibilities of a single position
Motivation the theory that incidents are expected outcomes of interactive complexities
Normal Incidents a chemical process in which fuel, oxygen and heat are combined
Safety Climate intentional, persistent, and unwelcome sexual conduct or remarks that occur despite resistance from the victim
Safety Compliance a sudden, generally unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action
Safety Initiative proactive employer practices with the goals of preventing and reducing workplace disability, intervening early in the face of risk or injury, and providing coordinated management and rehabilitation functions to promote workers’ recovery and safe and timely return to work
Safety leadership the stage at which flames first appear
Sexual Harassment the extent to which employees go beyond compliance and work to actively improve safety
Smoldering Stage the theory that every incident results from a series of events
Undue Hardship aggressive, nonphysical behaviors perpetrated by organizational members over a prolonged period of time
Violence rude or discourteous behavior
Work Accommodation fuel, oxygen, and heat are present and are causing the heat to rise through limited chain reaction
Work Family Conflict an actual physical assault or threat of an assault

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