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New York 1911

words and phrases from "1911 - A Trip Through New York City"

1bridge _____There are tracks for these, too.
2ferry _____Gets you across the water.
3crutches _____For rain or shine.
4bowler _____A big street.
5horse _____To spruce up a shirt, a man wears this around his neck.
6umbrella _____When you're missing a leg, you need these..
7statue _____You put a baby in this.
8tie _____It's a hat..
9train _____Some people call them rugrats.
10wheels _____A way to get around on your own.
11children _____Winnie or ney.
12horn blast _____You need these on a wagon.
13dock _____A likeness
14gate _____Beep beep! Honk honk!
15avenue _____Where a boat comes in.
16streetcar _____Like a boat for commuting.
17stroller _____Rides on the rails.
18walk _____Some are made of wrought iron.
19flag _____I fly in the wind.

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