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Midterm Review

1computer network _____Main purpose is to resource share. Ex: LAN, Man, and WAN.
2LAN _____Network of many LANS
3MAN _____Reference model is derived from OSI and provides a set of protocols that are used across multiple diverse networks. 4 layers.
4WAN _____Supports application and end-user, communication partners and QOS identified. FTP, email, applications, including cisco packet tracer.
5Topologies _____LAN, passive device, no collision, non-blocking, uses mac address.
6Signal Transmission Media _____Reference model that describes the hierarchy of various protocols that are using in networks. Seven Layers.
7Network Interface Card _____Transmission time, then time to propagate from point A to B, then time to fully receive the packet.
8Switch _____Packets encoded and decoded into bits. Two sub-layers.
9Hub _____includes all processes and services that use transport layer to deliver data.
10Router _____Gateway device responsible for establishing connection between various networks, uses IP address.
11Gateway _____Syntax Layer, identifies compatibility problems, align with network format, independence from encryption.
12Protocols _____Few interconnected computers, <100. Found in single buildings.
13Open System Interconnect _____Responsible for accepting and transmitting IP datagram.
14TCP/IP _____Provides transparent transfer of data between end systems. Ensures complete data transfer.
15Application (Layer 7) _____Physical channel of communication between sender and receiver.
16Presentation (Layer 6) _____Defining cable types, electrical impulses and mechanical consideration.
17Packet Cycle _____Network of many MANS
18Session (Layer 5) _____Provides support to TCP or UDP protocol.
19Transport (Layer 4) _____Connects various components in network, broadcasts, repeater.
20Network (Layer 3) _____Scar, Tree, Bus, Ring, Nest
21Data Link (Layer 2) _____provides routing, and switching technologies, addressing (I.P.), functioning.
22Physical (Layer 1) _____Set of standard rules that are followed during various stages of communication.
23Application Layer 1 _____Hardware component which all communication signals pass through.
24Transport Layer 2 _____Handles machine to machine comm.
25Internet Layer 3 _____Establishes, manages, and terminates connections, allocates resources such as bandwidth, time, and duration. Connect on-coordination.
26Host to network Layer 4 _____Network point that acts as entrance to another network.

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