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English 9 Lesson 7-10 Matching

Kelly Taylor

1Fallible _____conceited; having excessive self-love or admiration
2blatant _____to calm down
3dawdle _____obvious; too conspicuous
4affiliate _____to waste time
5fawn _____to lie
6calumny _____an associate; a partner
7berate _____easily angered
8minion _____to mix up or distort
9desolate _____to stop; to discontinue
10bane _____death; a ceasing to exist
11pacify _____capable of error
12garble _____lonely; forlorn; uninhabited; barren
13prevaricate _____to steal
14filch _____to collect bit by bit; to gather with patient labor
15neophyte _____to scold or rebuke severely and at length
16fabricate _____an exit; a means of going out
17narcissistic _____a false and malicious accusation
18choleric _____to act slavishly submissive
19demise _____to hint at; to refer to indirectly
20emit _____the choice members of a group
21glean _____to concoct; to make up a story in order to deceive
22feign _____happiness; bliss
23desist _____to make afraid; to discourage
24allude _____a dictator with absolute power
25elite _____to pretend
26egress _____the cause of ruin, harm,distress, or death
27felicity _____to send out; to give forth, as in sound or light
28penury _____a fawning, servile follower
29daunt _____a beginner
30despot _____extreme poverty

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