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Phrasa Verbs

SET OFF leave, begin a trip or journey
BUMP INTO discover a piece of news
BRING UP as a result, ....
COME INTO found, establish, start something
FIND OUT leave a bus, plane, train..
SORT OUT inherit
TAKE ON make somebody know they've done something wrong
TURN DOWN compensate for something (a missed class, an argument...)
CLOCK IN solve a problem
HAVE A GO AT  change your mind and not do something
GET OVER finish employees contracts / fire staff
MAKE UP FOR stop working due to mechanical problem
TURN OUT recover from something
BLOW UP in the end, what happened was...
FALL THROUGH introduce a topic in the conversation
PULL OUT OF when an agreement fails
GET AWAY WITH  connect somebody (usually on the phone)
BREAK DOWN leave angrily
END UP meet by accident
GET OFF refuse, decline
SET UP escape without consequence
STORM OUT accept an offer
LAY OFF register when you get to work
PUT THROUGH explode (literally or metaphorically)
TAKE UP a happy ending
WORK OUT contract somebody

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