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DENSITY SI unit of density is _____________
Kgm-3 weight of object at the air - weight of object in the water
SPECIFIC DENSITY ______________ can be defined as the ratio of density of substance to the density of water
NO UNIT ______________ is other name beside of specific density
PRESSURE SI unit of specific density is _____________
PASCAL'S PRINCIPLE ______________ states that pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted uniformly to every part of the fluid and to the walls of the container
ARCHIMEDES' PRINCIPLE SI unit of pressure is _____________
BUOYANT FORCE ______________ can be defined as the mass of the substances per unit of its volume
FORMULA OF BUOYANT FORCE ______________ is defined as the perpendicular or normal force per unit area acting on a surface
RELATIVE DENSITY ______________ states that for a body immersed wholly or partially in a fluid, upward buoyant force acting on the body is equal to the weight of the fluid it displaces
Pa or Nm-2 ______________ is the weight of liquid displaced by the object

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