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Enterprise Key Terms

Mrs Lee

Match the key terms to their definition by drawing a line between them.

Micro Enterprise Micro Enterprise
Small Enterprise Employs between 50 and 249 people.
Medium Enterprise Enterprises owned by the government
Self-employed Have a legal status of limited.
Profit making A charity or community interest project who does not have making a profit as their sole interest
Not-for-profit An enterprise that makes more money than it spends
Ltd Employs between 1 and 10 people
Private sector The owners are only responsible for debts up to the amount they have invested in the business.
Public sector Enterprises owned by individuals
Limited Company Small Enterprise
Yorkshire Dama Cheese are an example of this Medium Enterprise
Women with Waders are an example of this The owner is their own boss
Pasta Foods Limited are an example of this Employs between 11 and 49 people

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