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The Civil War, Ch 16, Flipcards

Clearly write the number in the correct blank to match the term/name to its definition.

1Fort Sumter _____To join the armed forces
2Confederacy _____The nation formed by the Southern states that seceded from the United States
3Robert E. Lee _____Cleanliness and other practices and conditions that lead to good health
4uprising _____Confederate ship in the first battle in history between two ironclads: later renamed the Virginia
5border states _____Victorious general who commanded the Union forces in the West
6Anaconda Plan _____The first battle of the war, which resulted in a surprise Confederate victory; it was fought in Manassas, Virginia
7First Battle of Bull Run _____The Union strategy to blockade Southern ports, take control of the Mississippi, and capture Richmond
8Thomas J. Jackson _____A rebellion or revolt
9enlist _____Commander of the Union army in the East who trained soldiers well but was reluctant to fight
10hygiene _____Bloody battle fought on September 17, 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland; although the confederates were forced to retreat to Virginia, the Union failed to pursue them and possibly end the war
11The Monitor _____Confederate general who earned the nickname "Stonewall" for stopping the Union advance in the first battle of the war
12The Merrimack _____Weeklong series of battles in northern Virginia in which the Confederates forced the Union to retreat, preventing it from taking Richmond; the conflict took place from June 25 to July 1, 1862
13George McClellan _____To steal or take by force
14Ulysses S. Grant _____Union admiral whose fleet captured New Orleans in April 1862
15William Tecumseh Sherman _____The federal for on an island in Charleston harbor that was attacked by the Confederacy in April 1861, marking the start of the Civil War
16David Farragut _____The slave states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri located next ot states where slavery was illegal
17Seven Days' Battle _____General who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia
18plunder _____Union ship in the first battle in history between two ironclads
19Battle of Antietam _____Brave Union general who lost three horses at the Battle of Shiloh

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