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Nat. Geo Voc. List #9 Roman Empire 3

1Barberian _____famous Muslim church in Constantinople
2Attila _____the place where two roads meet
3Diocletian _____Rome's first emperor
4Crossroads _____Roman Emperor divided empire in two
5Diversity _____a code of law created by Justinian the emperor
6Divine _____a religion founded by Jesus
7Heresy _____belief contrary to Church teachings
8Constantinople _____having the nature of a god
9Hagia Sophia _____person who lived outside the Roman Empire
10Justinian code _____a variety, a range of different things
11Christianity _____a leader with absolute power
12Augustus _____The leader of the Huns
13Latin _____Language of the Roman empire
14emperor _____Capital city of the Byzantine Empire
15aqueduct _____a man made channel used for transporting water

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