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Respiratory System

Frank Dahl

Name:____________________________________ Date:______________

1A short-acting beta-2 adrenergic agonist that is primarily used as a bronchodilator agent to treat asthma. _____Tuberculosis
2Dyspnea when lying flat _____Albuterol
3Inflammation of the lungs with alveoli filling with pus. Typically caused by infection and can follow flu, colds and other illnesses. _____Pleurisy
4Partial or fully collapsed lung. An accumulation of air in the pleural cavity.  _____Pneumonia
5Inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane. _____Pneumothorax
6A very loud, wheezing breath sound heard when the trachea or larynx is obstructed. _____Stridor
7Bacterial infection that usually affects the lungs. _____Wheeze
8Adventitious lung sounds that are continuous with a musical quality. They can be high or low pitched. _____Nasopharynx
9Inflammation of the large airways often caused by bacterial and viral infections and by cigarette smoke. _____Glottis
10Nose bleed _____Orthopnea
11The vocal apparatus of the larynx, situated in the middle section of the larynx. _____Influenza
12Deficiency of carbon dioxide in arterial blood, often associated with hyperventilation. _____Rhinitis
13Acute, contagious viral infection of the respiratory system _____Epistaxis
14The top portion of the pharynx situated posterior to the nose and superior to the soft palate. _____Bronchitis
15Inflammation of the pleura, the membranes covering the lungs. _____Hypocapnia

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