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match each word/phrase/phrasal verb with a definition.

1active rest _____an exercise machine in the gym used for walking or running, while staying in the same place
2athletics track (running track) _____set of exercises to build muscles
3blow the competition away  _____exercise that needs a lot of physical effort
4brisk walk (brisk walking)  _____a leisure time during which you exercise
5to build muscle  _____To surrender/quit
6jogging  _____to achieve the best result in a sport
7keep-fit exercises  _____to gain muscle mass
8sports centre (fitness centre)  _____to start doing something new (usually sport)
9sports meeting (athletics meeting)  _____exercises that help you to keep your body in a good shape
10strength-training strategy  _____To do movements/stretching after your main exercise to get it back to normal
11strenuous exercise  _____To start doing something 100%
12to be saved by the bell  _____to become fit
13to get into shape  _____To take part in a sporting event or match
14to set a record  _____to exercise in gym
15to take up doing smth  _____an event at which a number of athletic contests are held
16to warm up  _____a form of running at a slow pace
17to work out to  _____to perform light exercises to prepare for a hard workout
18treadmill  _____to be more successful than somebody at something
19To cool down  _____to be saved from losing by a timely interruption
20To join in  _____a specific building where people can do different sports
21To give up  _____to come from behind another vehicle or a person and move in front of it
22To drop out  _____To beat someone in competition so they are no longer in it /To hit someone in a boxing match so that they become unconscious
23To knock someone out  _____win easily the competition
24To bulk up  _____To leave a competition or race
25To dive in head first  _____a sport in which people walk fast, but not as fast as a full run
26To OUTDO sb _____a track for running, usually used for athletic races
27to OVETAKE  _____To gain weight and muscle

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