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Early Exploration and Conquering of New Mexico

1Cortez _____Catholic
2Pizzaro _____Pope
3Columbus _____Tribute
4conquistador of New Mexico looking for Gold and riches  _____Vaqueros
5Settler of New Mexico bringing breeding horses _____Esteban
6Pueblo that killed Onate's nephew causing a revolt  _____Friar Marcos
7New raiding tribe from the plains _____Comanche
8The Spanish wanted to make the Natives what religion _____Pueblos
9Organized the Pueblo revolt _____small pox
10The Spanish lived here for 12 years after the Pueblo Revolt _____Coronado
11Capital of New Mexico _____missions
12Spanish colonies were organized in a square called what? _____Encomienda
13Spanish colonists were given land grants and the Natives on the land _____India
14Priest who fought for better treatment of the Natives  _____El Camino Real
15Shipwrecked and first person the set eyes on New Mexico _____Bartolome Las Casas
16Black Slave who was killed by the Zuni Pueblo Indians _____Acequias
17He told lies about seeing seven golden cities _____Acoma Pueblo
18city of gold _____Santa Fe
19Main trade route into New Mexico _____Navajo
20The last conquistador in the peaceful reconquest _____Juan Bautista de Anza
21The natives had to pay gold to the Spanish  _____Conquered the Aztecs in Mexico City
22Columbus was seeking a new trade route to where _____Cabeza de Vaca
23The Spanish word for cowboys _____Plaza
24Two cultures of the DIne are the Apache and what other tribe? _____Diego de Vargas
25Settled Farmers who live in apartment styled dwellings _____Cibola
26Irrigation ditches _____sailed the ocean blue in 1492
27Spanish Churches _____El Paso
28Spanish buffalo hunters _____Conquered the Incas in Peru
29Governor who defeated the Comanche _____Onate
30epidemic that killed 90 percent of Native Americans _____ciboleros

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