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Chapter 10 Stress

Stress  Taking action on the stressor itself; attending to the cause of the stress ;Offers long-term benefits
Stressor  When appraising stressors as a threat, we tend to be stressed to the level of distraction, we react and decrease personal responsibility for change [stress response causes an increase in continued stress response]
3 Phases of Stress: The General Adaptation Syndrome  Taking personal control and seeing the cause of stress as yourself; self-blaming (both healthy and unhealthy)
Fight-or-Flight   Any stimulus or event that elicits (causes) a stress response
Tend-and-Befriend  Anticipating a positive outcome
Problem-Focused Coping  Personal strength; effectiveness in coping and finding success in struggle
Emotion-Focused Coping  Self-perceived happiness
Learned Helplessness  Alarm = reflex to mobilize resources; Resistance = coping [denial, avoiding, rationalizing]: behaviors and thoughts intended to address the stressor ;Exhaustion = bodily resources depleted
Stress Appraisal Perception Protective measures (protecting offspring or resources) and seeking social support (formation of social alliances) ;More common amongst females
Threat vs. Challenge  A reflexive response to a stressor which serves to protect the body/mind and address the stressor
External Locus of Control  Forces outside of self are responsible for your current state of stress
Internal Locus of Control  Anticipating a negative outcome
Mindfulness Meditation  Being aware of stresses and focusing on successful coping strategies
Optimism   (how you view) the stressor and role in the stress response
Pessimism  Taking action on your response; attending to your emotional needs and attempting to feel better about the situation ;Offers short-term benefits
Subjective Well-Being  Confronting the stressor or avoiding it; removes the stressor or you from the stressful situation More common amongst males
Resilience  Tendency to be helpful when you are in a good mood
Feel-Good, Do-Good Phenomenon  Perceived lack of control that leads to giving up ;Outcomes of your behavior are never successful so you stop responding at all; belief that no coping strategy will be effective

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