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Voc. Quiz #11 Islam Empire II

1Ottomans _____Five Pillars of Islam
2Mercenary _____The prophet of Islam, messenger of god.
3Suleyman II _____Turks who had come to Anatolia in the same wave of migrations as the Seljuks.
4Al-Zahrawi _____acceptance
5Sultan _____Name of god in Islam
6Muhammad _____A system of managing government through departments run by appointed officials
7Allah _____This group believed that Muhammad's son-in-law, Ali, should succeed Muhammad
8Mecca _____How many times do Muslims pray each day?
9Kaaba _____The holy city of Islam.
10Mosque _____Muslim custom when women cover themselves with a vail
11Shiite _____Muslim doctor
12Bureaucracy _____A holy shrine in Makka
13Five  _____The holy book of Islam.
14Calligraphy _____A muslim place of worship
15hijab _____Muslim ruler
16Qu'ran _____art of beautiful handwriting
17Belief, player, Charity, Fasting, pilgrimage _____a great leader of the Ottoman empire
18tolerance _____a Muslim group that accepts only the descendants of the Umayyads as the true rulers of Islam
19Sunni _____a professional soldier hired by a foreign army

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