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Chapter1 DFP4053:Introduction To Oracle Database Architecture


This puzzle will test understanding regarding oracle Database Architecture

Smallest 4.The 'c' in Oracle Database 18c, 'c' is stands for _________
Logical 8.Difference Oracle Database version have different name. suffiyes 'g' stand for _____
Extent 1.Oracle also known as_________
Grid 7.Oracle allocates space segments in __________
Lawrence Ellison Missing phrase2 - 10
1977 5.One advantage of Oracle Database is _______________
Cloud 3.A specific number of contiguous data block is call_______
Reliability  2.Oracle is developed by_____________and other developer in ________
Segment 6.Logical database storage above an extent is call___________
Extents 9.The ___________units of database space allocation are data blocks, extend, segment, and tablespaces
RDBMS 10.Oracle data blocks are the __________ unit of storage that oracle can use or allocate

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