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Su F2035, wani F2021, anis F2003, alyaa F2032, ira F2053, aina F2051 - PSMZA

This puzzle will test understanding regarding Oracle Database Architecture.

extent 6. The relationship among segments, extends and ______ block.
segment 9. The relational model is the basis for a ______ .
tablespaces 1. An ________ is a specific number of contiguous data blocks that is allocated for storing a specific type of information.
reliability 10. An application that specifies what content is required _______.
relational 4. Advantage of oracle database is ______.
data 5. A ______ database is a database that conforms to the relational model.
network 7. A _______ database is similar to a hierarchial database, except records have a many to many rather then a one to many relationship.
DBMS 3. The logical units of database space allocation are data block, extents, segments and ______.
RDBMS 8. A ______ is software that controls the storage, organization and retrieval of data.
logical 2. The level of logical database storage above an extent is called a _______.

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