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Nat. Geo Voc. Quiz #14 China English+Geo

1commerce _____A country in Asia, Northeast of China
2movable type _____Having to do with the buying and selling of goods
3nirvana _____a thin, beautiful pottery invented in China
4porcelain _____Printing press, blocks of metal or wood, each bearing a single character, that can be arranged to make up a page for printing
5reincarnation _____Country in south east Asia formed by many islands.
6reunify _____Chinese Dynasty that came after the Tang Dynasty
7Song Dynasty _____Chinese Dynasty ruled by Taizong
8Sui Dynasty _____a condition of great peace or happiness
9Taizong _____He established the Sui Dynasty and reunified China
10Tang Dynasty _____to bring together again
11Wendi _____The rebirth of a soul in a new body
12Yangdi _____Second emperor of the Tang Dynasty
13Korea _____Wendi's son ruled the Sui Dynasty and reformed the laws
14Japan _____religion established by Sidharta Gautama, originated in India
15Buddhism _____The Chinese dynasty established by Wendi

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