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Nat Geo Voc. Quiz #15 China II

1staple _____The last imperial dynasty
2Khanate _____Tribes north of the wall who defeated the Ming Dynasty and established the Qing Dynasty
3Steppe _____1st emperor of the Ming, commander of the rebel army that drove the Mongols out of China
4Genghis Khan _____regional Mongol empires that arose following the death of Genghis Khan
5Kublai Khan _____Mongolian emperor of China and grandson of Genghis Khan who completed his grandfather's conquest of China
6Marco Polo _____main food in a county
7Yuan Dynasty _____Famous emperor in the Ming Dynasty--supported explorer Zheng He
8Isolationism _____A national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs
9Hongwu _____a thin, beautiful pottery invented in China
10Manchus _____Famous Chinese explorer during the Ming Dynasty
11Ming Dynasty _____the buying and selling of goods
12Qing Dynasty _____A large area of flat unforested grassland in southeastern Europe or Siberia.
13Yongle _____Chinese dynasty that came after the Yuan Dynasty--Built forbidden city
14Zheng He _____Founder of the Mongol Empire.
15Commerce _____The rebirth of a soul in a new body
16Porcelain _____Dynasty in China set up by the Mongols under the leadership of Kublai Khan
17reincarnation _____Italian explorer who wrote about his travels to Central Asia and China.

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