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New Mexico History Ch 4-6

Susan Schmitt

Vocab words test. Match the correct word with the correct definition.

1. Law ____workers.
2. Freedom ____village.
3. God _____supreme law of the land of the U.S.A. (America).
4. Religion ____beliefs held sacred.
5. Monogamy  ____written code of conduct.
6. Polygamy ____one gender married to more than one spouse
7. Kiva ____to do what you want, when you want,where you want.
8. Laborers ____King of England.
9. Alcaldes Majores  ____town council.
10. Custodio ____Greatest American Statesman and inventor.
11. Cabildo ____Indian religious room.
12. Republic ____manager of religious government.
13. Tribute ____first (1ST) President.
14. Slavery ____diety, all powerful being.
15. Pope ____third (3rd) President author of Declaration of Independence.
16. Encomienda  ____rule by the people.
17. Knowledge ____peacekeepers.
18. Constitution ____leaders of each Republica.
19. Economics ____system where soldiers were given ownership of Indians in exchange for favors.
20. Founding fathers ____ability to learn.
21. George Washington ____tax.
22. John Adams ____New Mexico.
23. Thomas Jefferson ____one man married to one woman.
24. James Madison ____the Indian leader that lead Indians to freedom in Pueblo Revolt .
25. Betsy Ross ____second (2nd) President & 1st vice, 1st lived in White House.
26. Benjamin Franklin ____the first four Presidents.
27. George III ____First American Flag called Old Glory.
28. Democracy ____fourth (4th) President, Author of the Constitution.
29.Pueblo  ____ownership of one group of people by another group.
30. We live in  ____money.

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