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Nat Geo Voc. List #16 Japan

1Archipelago _____A huge destructive wave (especially one caused by an earthquake)
2aristocracy _____A chain of islands
3calligraphy _____A person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone
4clan _____group of families related by blood or marriage
5embassy _____the official residence of an ambassador in a foreign country
6regent _____ceremony
7ritual _____Group of the most wealthy and privileged people
8Prince Shotoku _____Leader who brought Chinese culture to Japan
9Ring of Fire _____art of beautiful handwriting
10Shinto _____the traditional religion of Japan, based on worship of and respect for nature and ancestors
11Japan _____Italian explorer who wrote about his travels to Central Asia and China.
12tsunami _____Country made up of many Islands
13Genghis Khan _____Founder of the Mongol Empire.
14Marco Polo _____A circle of volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean.
15Confucianism _____This religion was based on the ideas of living in harmony with nature
16Daoism _____This religion was based on the ideas of respect for authority
17Buddhism _____This religion was based on the ideas of avoiding desire and wanting material objects.

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