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Spanish infinitives

justin yo

Help study infinitive spanish verbs

dormir to ask for, to order
almorzar to hear, to listen to
preferir to see, to watch
tener to think
poder to sleep
ir to close
querer to return
llevar to want
usar to lose, to miss
venir to be able, can
regatear to rest
volver to use, to wear
ver to understand
traer to bring
servir to serve
salir to begin, start
poner to wear, to carry, to take
perder to haggle, to bargain
pensar to play (games/sports)
pedir to prefer
oír to have
jugar to come
descansar to go
hacer to have lunch
entender to do, to make
empezar to put, to place, to turn on
cerrar to leave

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