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substances, mixtures, and solubility

susan schmitt

Glenco Science7th grade ch. 21 review: vocab words.

acid has a pH above 7, accepts H+ ions, tastes bitter like soap
aqueous homogeneous mixture are evenly mixed but not bonded.
base A solution that holds the total amount of solute. (it can't hold any more)
concentration ph of 7 not acid nor base
heterogeneous mixture measure of how much solute can dissolve in solvent
homoheneous mixture where a solution is evenly mixed hydrogen ion mix with water
hydronium ion measure of acid and Base
indicator  how much solute is present in a solution copared to solvent
neutralization a resulte of a chemical change
pH a substance that dissolves and dissapears into another substance.
precipitate A compound that changes color at different pH values.
saturated a soloution in witch water is the solvent.
solubility matter that can be changed by chemical process.
solute has a pH below 7,releases H+ions, taste sour like vinegar.
solution hydrogen ion mixed with water
solvent substance that dissolves the solute.
substance where a substance is not evenly mixed.

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