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calf (n) A part of a tree that grows out of its main stem
calf (n) To spring back after hitting something
claw (n) To make somebody afraid or fearful
claw (n) A large cave
claw (v) A large, rounded rock that is resting on or in the ground
couple (n) a pillow or a pad with a soft filling
couple (n) A long pole with a sharp, pointed blade at one end
cushion (n) An object that provides the power to make something move or do work
flap (n) An opening or space in something that is normally closed
flap (v) Something used to hold an object in place and to keep it from falling
groom (n) A large object in space that moves in a regular path around the sun or some other star
groom (n) A part that each person gets of a whole
groom (v) A feeling that something is wrong or that there is danger
share (n) To become twisted or knotted together
share (v) The land around a building
shelter (n) To lie at an angle
shelter (v) A large, strong animal related to monkeys but without a tail.
yard (n) A young cow or bull
yard (n) The state of being firm and steady
zero (n) The place where two parts meet or come together
accident (n) A person who takes care of horses
acrobat (n) The gray matter made of nerve cells packed inside the skull
alarm (n) To hold something in place or to keep it from falling
alarm (n) A signal, such as a bell or buzzer, that warns people or tells them to take action
alarm (v) A mix-up of things twisted or knotted together
bounce (v) A metal rod or wire used to send and receive radio and television messages
enormous (adj) A man who is getting married
gap (n) The back part of the leg between the knee and ankle
scooop (n) A burning stick held in the hand to give light
scoop (v) Something made with an open center to let the smoke from a fire rise and escape
support (n) The bright, glowing gas we see when something burns
support (v) A person who does tricks that take great strength and good control in moving the body
tangle (n) Anything that happens in an unplanned way, especially when it causes injury or damage
tangle (v) The part of a crab or lobster used for gripping
weigh (v) an object with moving parts that is used to do certain things
weight (n) To take something up in a quick movement
antenna (n) The word name for 0. It stands for nothing
antenna (n) The measure of how heavy something is
balance (n) A surface, a line, or a piece of land that is higher at one point than at another
balance (v) Something attached on only one side so that it can move freely
cavern (n) One of the two long, thin feelers on the head of many insects and of some animals such as lobsters
boulder (n) To copy the actions or speech of someone
cliff (n) To move up and down
joint (n) A tool like a bowl with a handle.
machine (n) To stay in a steady position without falling
motor (n) To find out how heavy something is
muscle (n) To give protection or safety to someone or something
planet (n) A length equal to three feet, or thirty-six inches.
slope (n) A steep, high rock face with a sharp drop tot he ground
slope (v) Two people who do things together
ape (n) To clean or make neat
ape (v) The sharp curved nail on the toe ofa bird or animal
brain (n) To use or enjoy with others
branch (n) A group of twelve
chimney (n) A piece of material made ofstring or rope knotted together in a way that leaves evenly spaced holes
dozen (n) To scratch or dig with sharp nails
spear (n) Two things of the same kind
torch (n) Very big
flame (n) Anyting that covers or protects
net (n) A part of the body that can be streteched or tightened to make the body move

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