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Defense mechanisms


compensation when a person unconsciously attributes her own unacceptable ideas or impulses to another
repression a person takes on the attitudes, behavior, or personal attributes of another person whom she had idealized
sublimation  occurs when a threatening person or event is stripped of the emotional context & is perceived only rationally
denial when a person falls back to an earlier phase of development in which she felt secure
identification occurs when a person refuses to admit real reason for anxiety, instead invents a reason that is reasonable & acceptable, but false.
regression struggling to make up for feelings of inferiority or areas of weakness
projection mechanism through with unacceptable desires, feelings, memories and thought are excluded from consciousness by being sent down deep into the unconscious
rationalization involves blocking external events from awareness. If some situation is just too much to handle, the person just refuses to experience it
intellectualization mechanism whereby consiously unacceptable instintual demands are channeled into acceptable forms for gratification; socially acceptable

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