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reading vocabulary

KiKi G

These are words that have to do with reading in Texas.

AUTHOR’S PURPOSE The reason the author wrote the piece
CONCLUDE To point out or show
CONVEY To show how to do something clearly
EMPHASIZE To prove; to show that something is right
EVALUATE To cause someone to think about something
ILLUSTRATE To try to get others to believe what you are saying
INFER  To arrange things
JUSTIFY word or phrases that appeal to your 5 senses
PERSUADE To discover or identify something
PREFIX To give special attention to
SUGGEST To come to an opinion by reasoning from facts or observations
VISUALIZE To show something that isn’t the same
ENHANCE To decide something important
INDICATE To increase or make greater
DETECT  to give or supply something
DETERMINE  Adding letters to the beginning of a word to adjust it's meaning
CONTRIBUTE To tell or make known to the reader
ORGANIZE To describe with detail
DIFFER To reach a decision or opinion about
SENSORY LANGUAGE  To form a mental image of
CONVINCE To judge something
DEMONSTRATE To persuade someone to do something
IDENTIFY To locate or find something; to point it out

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