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Social Determinants of Health a tool to identify the most affordable drug prescriptions as well as other ways to save on prescription costs.
Unconscious Bias a prejudice against a thing, person, or group of people that is formed due to underlying societal stereotypes without conscious awareness
PHQ9 a leader/community member who has a vested interest or expertise surrounding a community issue that has been identified for change.
SNAP a tool to identify appropriate screening, counseling, and preventative medicine
WIC screening that can diagnose, monitory and assess the severity of depression using DSM-IV diagnostic criteria
ePSS a program that provides assistance to families with household incomes up to 130% above the federal poverty line for food at supermarkets, grocery stores and farmers markets
GoodRx physical, social or economic practices that modify individual’s behavior
211 encompasses laws or protocols that try to change governmental or legislative practice or organization’s behavior to positively influence behavioral norms within a community.
CNA wide-reaching practices that alter the way an entire institution is run.
Stakeholder a summation of the programs and policies that are already in place within a community as well as specific areas targeted for improvement
Systems Change supplemental foods, health care referrals, nutrition education, breastfeeding education for pregnant and postpartum women and children up to age 5 at nutritional risk
Environmental Change  a tool for information on community-based as well as federal and government programs applicable to the patient and their needs
Policy Change conditions in people’s environment home, work, and social environments that have health, operational, and quality-of-life effects and implications
Biopsychosocial Model framing disease and treatment in the context of cultural, psychological, and environmental factors.

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